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Cybersecurity Bootcamp

  1. Cybersecurity Careers Roadmap

    Cybersecurity Careers: A Student Roadmap

    Categories: Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    Today, skills gaps and increased digitization mean it’s a great time to start a cybersecurity career. Our guide to cybersecurity careers provides insight into the education and the skills you’ll need to break into the field. We’ll examine why cyber careers are in demand, a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional and how you can take steps toward the cyber position you deserve.

    Whether you’re an aspiring cyber professional or a recent graduate, cybersecurity is an excellent career with a high salary to match. Let’s outline the best ways to get there.

    What is cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity professionals look to prevent data breaches through a variety of digital security measures. They ensure security software is up-to-date, creating programs to mitigate the risk of an attack and mitigating risks and damages after attempted breaches do occur.

    According to IBM, the average data breach in the United States costs an estimated $8.64 million, given the cost for breach discovery and resolution, and any lost revenue or damaged company assets.

    While many believe that cybersecurity attacks are only directed towards major corporations, researchers have actually discovered that three in five companies have been affected “by software supply chain attacks in 2021.”

    In short, cybersecurity is an indispensable field that can save companies of all sizes time and money.

    Why are cybersecurity careers in demand?

    Cybersecurity careers are in demand for a variety of reasons. A changing tech landscape affects how businesses interact with the world, and a pronounced shortage in cyber skills drives a higher demand for cyber pro

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  2. Is a Cybersecurity Bootcamp Worth It?

    Categories: Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    The right cybersecurity bootcamp is worth your investment, and helps learners build skills in database infrastructure, programming and networking.

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  3. female student beginning a cybersecurity career

    How Do I Start a Cybersecurity Career?

    Categories: Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    Skills like compliance analysis, programming, network security, ethical hacking and data recovery contribute to six-figure cybersecurity careers.

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  4. Manage Academic Stress

    Your Guide to Navigating Academic Stress

    Categories: Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    Time management, self-care, support groups and commitment management can all help you manage academic stress in productive ways.

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