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Transform student lives while improving your digital reputation, deepening your alumni network and inspiring community development.

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Pace enables colleges and universities to grow enrollments, improve student outcomes and widen their reach. We implement an apprentice-first network at zero upfront cost to you, supplementing curriculums with industry certifications and apprenticeship opportunities.

Scale your digital footprint and increase enrollments through three solutions:

Apprentice Program Management

Tuition Reimbursement

CE Management System

Apprentice Program Management
Build tech-ready talent
  • Elevate student competency with an apprenticeship program, mapped to certifications and job competency requirements. Pace partner with universities to reinforce student education through bootcamps and certifications, which elevate student potential and create opportunities for post-graduation hire.
  • Activate a cross-university program exchange enabling in- demand coursework that teaches students the skills today’s employers need.​
  • Foster dynamic community development, as certification and bootcamp graduates introduce new skills into local markets.​
  • Supplement your ever-growing alumni pool with certified, career- ready apprentices who represent valuable network connections.​
Become an Academic Partner
Painless student payment and reimbursement​

Education is changing. Today, the best educators deliver flexible lessons designed to be consumed, retained and implemented – in alignment with employers recruiting, training, retaining and upskilling employees. ​

The right approach to employee nurturing puts employers on the offensive. By contrast, a passive approach to employee education can mean higher employee turnover, compromised productivity and lower morale.​

Become a part of the university and colleges certification marketplace that Pace promotes to employers.

  • We have created a marketplace of certification programs offered by universities and colleges.
  • We curate university and college certification programs and coordinate with industry certifications to enhance the learning experience through AI curated curriculums, community enablement and mentor coaching.
  • Our enterprise program managers promote the marketplace and provide program exposure to thousands of employees.
  • Employees are provided choice access to college and university certifications and bootcamps to upskill themselves through employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement programs.
Become an Academic Partner
Tuition Reimbursement
CE Management System

We are continual education and non-credit experience focused, empowering your institution to convert visitors into enrolled students and manage the entire learner journey.

Lifecycle Management: Prospect to Learner to Earner
  • Modern learner engagement platform – presidents and provosts create pathways for lifelong learning
  • Student Management System – modern learning experience platform with personalized learning paths and adaptive education.
  • Ecommerce – curriculum and catalog management.
Career Pathways

Remove registration barriers and stop forcing your continuing education students down a complicated, time-intensive, "for credit" based process. Increase enrollments with CampusCE and make it easy for continuing education students to search, register and pay online. CampusCE education management software solves online registration, program management, marketing and reporting challenges faced by continuing education, professional development and corporate training programs at colleges, universities and training institutes.

Become an Academic Partner

FAQs for Colleges & Universities

PACE is not accredited I the same way that a traditional university is. As an authorized training provider for Microsoft, Google, AWS, Cisco and other organizations, we partner with academic institutions that offer our courses as non-credit options toward continuing education.

We offer a variety of payment plans for students who cannot afford full upfront costs. Reference our How to Pay page for more information.

PACE offers a catalog of certification courses with virtual instruction, hands-on labs an customized student experiences – the perfect environment to foster the next generation of informed, accredited employees.

Our Career services department supports students during each stage of their education lifecycle. We help create professional social profiles, streamline the job application process, even review career goals to determine best job fits up to six months after program graduation.

Absolutely! Today’s skill gaps mean that many employers count on us to help fill six-figure careers with career-ready applicants. Our employee partners find value in the quality of employees we regularly deliver.

A number of factors contribute to a learner’s post-graduation income. Some individuals can earn as much as $150,000 after completing a bootcamp, provided that they offer the right combination of skill and experience for an in-demand tech position.

Yes, we do! Each of our learning tracks is fully customizable, according to your specifications. We deliver self-paced, virtual learning opportunities that teach students the skills today’s employers actively seek.

Yes, they are! Each bootcamp we offer is associated with at least one certification.

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