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Become a Modern Fellow with Pace through our Technology Fellowship Residency Program: Learn by doing and earn at the same time.

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Enroll in a University Accredited Bootcamp

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Get your Industry Ready Certificate

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Join TFP as Employer Matched Apprentice

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Start Your AI/Machine Learning Career in 18 weeks

Become an AI/Machine Learning Professional in less than 4 and a half weeks, without any prior experience required. We’ll provide the tools, the training and confidence you need to advance your career as an AI and Machine Learning Specialist — and land the rewarding position you deserve.

Learn to:

  • Help businesses apply AI & ML concepts and strategies
  • Write scripts using Python and other programming languages
  • Launch algorithms that gather data without supervision
  • Integrate voice assistance and other NLP services
There’s a reason why 85% of our job-ready graduates find rewarding careers in 60 days or less. Request More Info

Learn & Earn through TFP: Tech Fellowship Program

The demand for AI & Machine Learning Specialists has never been higher. Companies today are hiring AI/ML professionals with varying levels of experience, to help create and maintain devices and workflows that use automation.

Through the Tech Fellowship Program (TFP), learners will:

Earn an industry-respected AI & Machine Learning Certification after you complete our 18-week bootcamp.

Qualify for acceptance into TFP — where you’ll learn and earn as an apprentice to an industry-leading employer.

Increase salary potential and stand out in a competitive industry without traditional schooling or qualifications.

What will I learn?

Complete your University-Accredited Bootcamp, get matched with an employer and position yourself for a higher salary in your dream tech career. It’s that easy. Pace even provides 3-12 months of continuing education, to help you stay on top of any new developments in the world of AI & Machine Learning.

Many AI and ML processes today depend on Python, a programming language used by developers to create automated solutions. Students grow familiar with Python as a general-purpose code. They’ll also learn how to identify and navigate Python libraries — and use the modules inside — to source code that can expedite complicated, code-dependent projects.

Students learn to collect, examine and learn from data — all through a machine learning lens. This module teaches you how to refine raw data and arrive at actional conclusions, while evaluating how well your machine learning algorithms perform. You’ll also learn how to optimize active machine learning algorithms, to create even more effective data mining results.

This hands-on module sees students create their first AI models, and test those models against real industry benchmarks to determine their effectiveness.

Students grow familiar with the most familiar machine learning models in this module. You’ll learn how to identify the machine learning model, or models, that best address a particular challenge you face. You’ll also learn how to use supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning algorithms to achieve specific results.

This two-part module immerses students in neural networks — computer systems meant to process data similarly to the human brain. You’ll learn the characteristics that separate a standard system from a neural network, and how you can begin creating a neural network for use in a business environment.

Engineers and developers use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to create systems dependent on human speech patterns. In this module, you’ll learn how to integrate NLP best practices to create systems that can process, and respond, to human language input.

Students learn the role that both AWS and SQL play in successful machine learning. You’ll identify how to integrate AI and ML features in cloud providers like AWS, and how to run Python and other code-based scripts in SQL servers.

In this module, students learn how to create and deploy AI solutions for business applications. You’ll learn to work alongside solutions architects to create end-to-end Azure AI solutions. After growing familiar with coding languages earlier in this program, you’ll now learn how to design solutions that integrate concepts like NLP and data science.

Students will complete their capstone project and earn their AI & Machine Learning TFP Certification.

Download the course outline to see all bootcamp modules. Request Course Outline

Who is our AI & Machine Learning TFP Certification for?

This AI & Machine Learning Program prepares apprentices, students and aspiring professionals for an AI/ML environment.

Career Boosters

Learn how to train machine learning models, navigate data sets and apply AI to real-world scenarios. If you’re ready for the next step in your AI/Machine Learning career, Pace can help. Our AI & Machine Learning TFP Certification teaches a wide variety of skills you can use from your first day on the job.

Junior AI/ML Developers & Engineers

Become a well-rounded AI & Machine Learning expert in as little as 18 weeks. Take the next step in your AI/ML career by adding the industry-recognized Pace AI & Machine Learning Certification to your CV. You’ll earn accreditation in AI/ML skills like programming, data science and strategic thinking.

AI/ML Interns

Earn a fulfilling, full-time AI/ML career, through a 18-week bootcamp that teaches basic AI & Machine Learning skills in record time. You’ll learn to work with other members of an AI/ML team, from engineers to hardware developers. You’ll also learn how to implement statistical models and algorithms that automate complicated workflows.

Digital Specialists

Ready to add critical AI & Machine Learning strategies to your skillset? Our AI & Machine Learning Program teaches you how to develop foundational skills in AI/ML — many of which you might already understand as a Digital Marketing Specialist. The fastest path from digital to AI/ML is the AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp & Fellowship.

Boost your Earnings & Advance Your Career

Reference career roles and associated information, for updated figures on potential career earnings for AI & Machine Learning students and fellows in your location.

Job information sourced from Indeed.com.

Learn by doing and earn at the same time.

Modern learners want the fastest path to a career in AI/ML. That’s what we offer at Pace: a Bootcamp Fellowship Program that teaches important skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence. After graduation, earn a place in our Fellowship Program for support in your first AI & Machine Learning role.

What this means for you:

Without the need for traditional schooling, we help students gain skills that today’s AI & Machine Learning employers are looking for.

Unlike our competition, Pace partners with well-known universities to further expand your education. Gain AI & ML knowledge and experience through the Pace AI & Machine Learning TFP Certification, and embrace the fast track toward a fulfilling AI/ML career.

Program breakdown:

  • A Learn-to-Earn experience that rivals traditional college-to-career learning
  • On-the-job training with certification backing and personalized experience
  • Courses that meet your needs and directly fit with your desired role
  • Flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule
  • World-class support from our coaches and mentors

Career Possibilities

Your newfound skills in automation, programming and data analysis could qualify you for one of the following AI/ML careers:

AI/ML Engineer

Research, build and optimize AI systems that use machine learning models to automate complicated behaviors.

Big Data Analyst

Study raw data sets and market trends using AI-enabled statistical models, to derive conclusions that lead companies toward real growth.

NLP Engineer

Implement speech-to-text, voice assistance and other natural language processing models to improve your computer system’s ability to process speech patterns.

Robotics Engineer

Design, test and optimize robotic systems that perform complicated or repetitive duties, tasks which otherwise must be completed by humans.

Business Intelligence Developer

Deploy processes in data analysis, data querying, and other AI-assisted data visualization processes to help organizations learn from their internal and external information.

Free Career Assessment

This assessment will help you determine which careers in AI & Machine Learning may be a good fit for you and the expected salary range.

Free Career Assessment

Why us?

We’re preparing a new generation of AI & Machine Learning fellows and students to address challenges posed by a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world.

What’s included?

Master the foundations of artificial intelligence and machine learning through our AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp & Fellowship Program:

  • Live, online classes
  • 24-hour, on-demand lessons
  • Job placement assistance
  • Flexible payment options
  • Diverse career paths
  • 100% online education
  • Real-world instruction

Earn an AI & Machine Learning Certificate

Receive an industry-recognized Certification as soon as you complete the Pace TFP AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp, one you can proudly share with your entire network.

A Pace AI & Machine Learning Certificate:

  • Helps you stand out in your industry
  • Impresses employers when you’re applying for jobs
  • Increases your earning potential
  • Improves your marketability
  • Generates more respect from your peers

Even after you graduate, Pace works hard to enhance your career in AI/ML. Our TFP AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp alumni receive 3-12 months of additional education, in addition to other exclusive perks.